Safety seats for infants and children

Safety seats for infants

Despite the efforts made in the safety of children on the road, the truth is that traffic accidents remain the leading cause of infant mortality (children aged 0 -14 years). That is why child road safety is a priority area. And is that 75% of road accidents could be avoided by properly using safety systems in the car specially designed for children.

The safety of children in car travel

Today, almost 90 percent of children use safety seats, however, the concern is that almost 40 percent of children who died in traffic accidents were not using any security measures in cars. The seats or safety seats for infants and children are the most effective measure to combat traffic accidents.

Therefore, to protect the lives of babies and children requires the use of child safety seats in the car. The car seat is the most suitable for traveling with the child on the road, because it ensures containment, protection and better retention in case of accident instrument. This is because each seat, despite having different sizes depending on the model, has a shell structure proportional to the size of the child, belts built for smaller and specific protections in the event of side impact.

The car seat belt alone is not an adequate and safe instrument for a child, because it is designed specifically for adult safety. Most of the car seat offers the possibility to regulate the form and containing parts according to the stages of development in the child’s growth. There are also depending on the types and models available in commerce, various solutions that can regulate the height, width and inclination (backrest, headrest and / or armrests). These regulations aim to ensure the child is always the best protection at all times in its development.

Choosing the car seat for baby

The choice of car seat should be evaluated based on the weight of the child. European legislation divides the weight groups Weight, ie weight ranges where the car seats are classified. Each seat is designed, is approved and manufactured with this benchmark.

Group 0 from birth to 10 kg up to approximately 9 months
Group 0+ from birth up to 13 kg up to 12 months approximately
Group 1 9-18 kg from 8 months up to 4 years approx
Group 2 of 15 to 25 kg from 3 months up to approximately 6 years
Group 3 22-36 kg from 5 months to 12 years-about

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Helping the baby to take its first steps

Helping the baby

The time when the baby starts to take its first steps is an instance that, besides marking the baby’s life for obvious reasons, it is an important stimulus to ensure confidence and to continue to develop and brightening explored in every sense.

At this time of the baby’s life (about eleven months or a year old) everyone comes in colors with new possibilities. That is why adults should encourage him to explore and explored, and the role of them to give the baby the first steps is crucial.

It is important, for example, that adults encourage the baby to walk, applauding and encouraging the baby when he does give some consecutive steps. This will help you feel safe and keep trying. You can also learn by playing, accompanying him while walking, jumping on a cushion or doing exercises with him. Continue reading

Feeding during lactation

Feeding during lactation

In WebDelBebé they have published some tips about how to be feeding a mother giving milk to your baby, and I found interesting to give to it, because we know that breast milk is the best food for a baby, and this should be generous in quantity and very good quality.

A mother should eat well during pregnancy, but should do better during breastfeeding, as demand the body of nutrients to produce milk is large, and it must be fully satisfied.

Milk production Mom is about ¾ liters, which is why you should drink plenty of fluids to produce. As for the food here I show you some tips that are sure to be of great help.

First you have to pay attention to the issue of the pregnant figure. It is true that many women after pregnancy lose estilidad and feel unattractive. It is very well want back in shape, but do not do crazy things. Try to follow a diet that includes the fact that you are producing breast milk. A professional nutritionist advise know about it. Continue reading

Footprint frame with feet and hands

Footprint frame

We always want to look our baby around the house, and for this, in addition to seeing him in person, we are able to fix it in photos. And so they look their photos, we need a beautiful frame.

This framework is an example of such a requirement. Look very elegant allows our baby and the imprint of his hand or his little foot. All accompanied with a sweet poem dedicated small baby girls.

All this makes it the ideal gift paralos new daddies, or a perfect detail for Father’s Day.


Weaning. When and how

Breastfeeding is a wonderful experience for the mother and the most gratifying moment that the baby may have. It is through this meeting, mom and baby celebrated one of its greatest points of contact, and necessary for the proper growth of small bond.


When you decide to stop breastfeeding two aspects are crucial: how and when. And in turn, it must be considered a third and most important factor: weaning does not (or at least should have) back.

The suggestion is to opt for a partial weaning, ie for example, continue breastfeeding morning and evening. But because this a partial weaning? Well, just so we said at the beginning: it is one of the most important moments between mother and baby and important moments can not be cut from one day to another.

Breastfeeding is an act of love and full surrender, and when they just care should be taken not to cause emotional pain. Stop breastfeeding not only involves the gradual replacement of breast milk by other foods. It’s much more than that, it is emotional issue, it’s the first separation between mother and child and brings independence for both. Continue reading

The best time to get pregnant

You and he already spoke, both decided it’s time that I do not give a second thought. If you think they are never going to do it, it always suggests something that is not the point: it is either work, or age, or whatever … But there is always something …

time to get pregnant

Both are tired of waiting, they are eager to be three, and want to play a corer in the sweet race for a baby. Why you want to know what your best. What is the best time to get pregnant, and what would be your due date?

And you wonder: Does that sort of thing is to know …. it seems so and know where in miembarazo.

There’s a test that only record the first day of your last three periods of rule, giving you all this information for you planifiques and planifiques the best you can. It’s good, right?


Vitamin D may calve of preeclampsia

Vitamin D is a very friendly and accommodating vitamin, which helps us in many ways. This fat-soluble vitamin, helps the body absorb calcium and also absorb the phosphorus in the blood.

calve of preeclampsia

For these reasons, vitamin D is highly recommended during pregnancy, because it helps us in that instance, to prevent bone problems baby.

But that is not the issue that interests me today. Today my goal is another. It has to do with pregnancy and vitamin D, but not with calcium. As has been shown, this glorious vitamin, it is also able to reduce the risk of developing preeclampsia.

I know! They want to go slowly, to explain everything in detail, and start at first: what is the answer preeclampsia. Well … give me time, that that’s exactly what I’ll do. At the end of the day, this is my goal today: vitamin D and preeclampsia. Continue reading